Practical advice for the self-knowledge path for

Common symptoms

The selected syndrome click to read in
– short description
– more common manifestation of
– as well as the background underlying possible causes – short and concise form, a plain English way of phrasing.

mood disorders
– constant lethargy, sadness, depression
– anxiety
– panic attacks
– heightened self-confidence, action, desire
– extremely changed behaviour
– confusion

– excessive alcohol-, drug-, or medication consumption
– game passion
theft, lying
– confusion/speech/ behavior
– strange smells, objects, injury to the body

eating disorders
– abnormal thin, anorexia
– vomiting, bulimia
– falási seizures
body workout the mania

self-esteem disturbances
– shyness
– work promotion of non -
– self-esteem disturbance, crackers, defeating

anger management problems
– suicidal urges, suicide
– önagresszió, leaving the (cuts on the body)
aggression, uncontrolled anger

relationship disorders
– workplace relationship problems
co – dependence
– relationship problems
– sexual dysfunction

crisis situations
– grief
– change
– promotion, success fear of
– maternal depression
– trauma experiencing (rape, natural disaster, etc.)

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