What is self-awareness?

Yourself a deeper understanding of different experiences, experiences, experiencing, processing and introspection during develops. You need to listen to interest in the subject matter of the (in this case yourself) to get to know: the depths, desires and fears, expectations and aversion to of. Should open you up to yourself, and always to be curious about you – not just what is easy to see what's likeable and easy to accept. If you want to, you know who you are, the less nice side to get to know you. You meet, you'll love it.


Why is it necessary?

"Know thyself" is an old saying, and not accidentally: the surrounding reality senses our filtered of experience, and if we don't know ourselves, our feelings and our thoughts, fantasies, desires, preferences our (what we like) and ellenszer worthwhile, and unconscious motivation, the past experience of arising vonzásainkat and push you sai, we about dummies tend to be our automatic reactions as a series of live each and every day. This time is repeated in the same (often painful) situations you find yourself in, and you don't understand, why is this happening again and again.


What is the effect of benefits?

Self-awareness is the basis for the realistic self-esteem and confidence. This regular experience I have to say that I can trust in myself, because it has set goals I can reach. In order to reach the goal, you need two things: realistic goals and hard work. Both self-knowledge should be: don't you want me to wear myself unattainable goals and the proper ways to motivate myself all along persevere.

Since decisions besides, it's not the only reason on the basis of the mind of our birth, but by feelings and unconscious mechanisms of our effects on them, and to is that really the life you dreamed of so that you see it and live, it is essential is self-knowledge. Knowledge of falling in love, desires, vision statement, fears, as all six will be about the kind of life we live.